Dandyu at 7th Anniversary Party

1. Seohyun said MCs are two shortest onnis, Taeyeon and Sunny were standing on the opposite sides, most right and left, so Taeyeon asked Sunny if she wanna come here or she want Teayeon to go to her side, then Sunny came to Taeyeon’s side with cute voice.

2. They talked about TTS will be having their come back soon, and Taeyeon asked Sunny to invite them to her radio, Sunny said please wait in line, there are lots of people waiting kkkk they also made a promise that they are going to sing live on her radio.

3. After Taeyon’s speech, fans applause. But Taeyeon said please don’t applause, its not something to be cheer for. She also said Sunny and Tiffany and herself had been worried a whole night to think of what to say today. Cr . 金泰妍吧官方微博 ENG Trans. 9s

DANDYU Full Trans The Best Interview

Taeyeon reveals Sunny’s secret

Cr : Yulsic Heart

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DANDYU at SNSD 7th Anniversary

Today mc duo danshin dandyu!!!

From left tae sun yul hyo soo fany seo sic yoong

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And Taeyeon promised to come Sunny’s radio when they release album


do you have link video of this? post/92866650397 please^^

Sure :) here it is.

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Dandyu Galore on Another Sky

Taeyeon: “(Sunny) bites peoples shoulders and elbows!”

Sunny: “It’s an expression of love & affection


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Yes ^ Vote for our girls!

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Girls’ Generation MV Look Back - FLOWER POWER

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DANDYU THE BEST Album Interview:

Taeyeon: Sunny likes to bite. She likes to bite from behind.

Sunny: Why did you talk about my secret? I like biting.


Taeyeon: Sunny keeps on biting us. If she sees some bare shoulders she’ll bite them from the back

Sunny: Why would you talk about somebody else’s secret. I like biting. I bite on areas where it doesn’t hurt like elbows

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Dandyu the Lovey Dovey Couple… ^^

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Dandyu on Girls’ Generation ‘The Best Album’ (2)

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